Variable, Control Structure and Calculation.

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 4    Every programming language, like languages such as English, has rules which must be followed. The rules that defines the legal sequences of symbolic elements in a language is refers as SYNTAX. The building blocks of programming language are keywords (While_Loop, Repeat_Untill) which have a special meaning in the programming language.

4    Pseudocode is one of the tools that can be used to write a preliminary plan which can be developed into a computer program.

o       It is not a standard language, its purpose is to describe the algorithm in a form that can easily be understood and then translated into the actual programming code required.

4    The syntax of the language to be used and the fine detail of the program are ignored until writing the source code.

Variable Types and Names

4    Variable is a unit of storage that can be modified during programme execution, usually by assignment or read operations.

4    A variable is generally denoted by an identifier or by name.

·        The name denotes a modifiable unit of storage.

·        Attributes of the variable:

  • The address in memory where the data is stored
  • The actual data stored which can change during the execution of the program
  • The name of the variable or identifier 



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