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.NET Defined 

Before getting deeply into the subject we will first know how Businesses are related to Internet, what .NET means to them and what exactly .NET is built upon. As per the product documentation from a Business perspective, there are three phases of the Internet. The First phase gets back to the early 1990's when Internet first came into general use and which brought a big revolution for Businesses. In the First phase of the Internet Businesses designed and launched their Website's and focused on the number of hits to know how many customers were visiting their site and interested in their products, etc. The Second phase is what we are in right now and in this phase Businesses are generating revenue through Online Transactions. We are now moving into the Third phase of the Internet where profit is the main priority. The focus here is to Businesses effectively communicate with their customers and partners who are geographically isolated, participate in Digital Economy and deliver a wide range of services. How can that be possible? The answer, with .NET.

What is .NET ?

Many people reckon that it's Microsoft's way of controlling the Internet, which is false. .NET is Microsoft's strategy of software that provides services to people any time, any place, on any device. An accurate definition of .NET is, it's an XML Web Services  platform which allows us to build rich .NET applications, which allows users to interact with the Internet using wide range of smart devices (tablet devices, pocket PC's, web phones etc), which allows to build and integrate Web Services and which comes with many rich set of tools like Visual Studio to fully develop and build those applications.



Microsoft Visual Basic allows us to create professional looking applications for Windows and Internet pretty much very easily. The graphical user interface (GUI) lets the text and graphics communicate with the computer.


1.1        What’s VB.NET? 

VB.NET is the following version of VB 6.0. Microsoft .NET is a new programming and operating framework introduced by Microsoft. All .NET supported languages access a common .NET library to develop applications and share common tools to execute applications. Programming with Visual Basic using .NET is called VB.NET. Visual Basic .NET is a major component of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET suite. The .NET version of Visual Basic is a new improved version with more features and additions. After these new additions, VB qualify to become a full object-oriented language such as C++.


1.2        What is IDE?


An integrated development environment (IDE), also known as integrated design environment and integrated debugging environment, is a type of computer software that assists computer programmers to develop software.IDEs normally consist of a source code editor, a compiler and/or interpreter, build-automation tools, and (usually) a debugger. Sometimes a version control system and various tools to simplify the construction of a GUI are integrated as well.


Visual Basic is a Windows development language, thus it is importanat to be familiar with th ecommon features found in Windows applications. A user is expected to see items such as menus, toolbars, and Minimize and Maximize buttons.



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