Adding Controls Using the Toolbox

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Create two more textboxes by double clicking on the textbox icon in the toolbar (Or Right-click on the selected textbox and choose Copy. Then Right-click on the Form and choose Paste.)
Resize them to the same size as your first one
Line them up one below the other with space in between
Try to create something that looks like the one below

Adding a Label to your Form
Let's add some labels near the textboxes so that your users will know what they are for.
•Locate the label control in the toolbox
•Double click the label icon
•A new label is added to your form
•It should look like the one below

The square sizing handles are surrounding the label, and that indicates that a control is selected. Once a control is selected you can do things to it, like resizing the control or moving it.
•Move your Label to the left of the first textbox
•If the label stretches over the textboxes, resize it just as you did with the textboxes (You'll notice that the height of the label can be changed, unlike the textbox.)
.Create two more labels, and position them to the left of the textboxes.
•You should now have a form like this one

To see what your Form looks like as a programme, click Debug > Start from the menu bar. Or press F5 on your keyboard:



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